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Seoul's best museums: 6 you'll want to see - CNN
CNN) — Planning on hanging out at yet another coffee shop this weekend? Anyone looking for an entertaining and educational afternoon should try a museum hop around Seoul. With more than 100 museums in the city, there's really no excuse for not&nbsp.

Nintendo Switch news: Where to buy, price, features, specs & games - Tech Advisor
And, excitingly, its success has already affected Nintendo's plans going forward. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo has doubled its production plans for the financial year starting April 2017, now aiming to produce 16 million Switch.

Update: Quicken shifts to software subscription model - Computerworld
The two subscriptions available to Canadian users cost $40 a year (Quicken Cash Manager) and $90 annually (Quicken Home & Business). The core software must be installed on a Windows device, and will, Quicken said, be updated "to make sure you're&nbsp.

The Ultimate Video Guide to Building a Photo and Video Editing Desktop Computer - Fstoppers
If you're building your own computer in 2017 you are going to want at least one solid state drive to house your operating system. SSDs are more expensive than ... B&H sells an OEM version of Windows 10 Pro for $139. Make sure that you buy the "Pro"&nbsp.

Intel Core i9 review: We test the massive 18-core Core i9-7980X and 16-core Core i9-7960X - PCWorld
The Last-Level Cache (L3) actually gets smaller, with 1.375MB per core versus the 2.5MB of the previous Broadwell-E chip, but Intel compensates with the larger MLC and also the use of a non-inclusive cache design . ... Intel also ditches the ring bus.

Assassin's Creed Origins latest news: Release date, platforms and gameplay - Tech Advisor
official Ubisoft store. There'll you'll be able to pre-order the game's Standard, Deluxe , and Gold editions, along with the limited God's, Dawn of the Creed, and Dawn of the Creed Legendary editions - the latter of which costs a frankly ridiculous.

Intel Core i7-6950X 'Broadwell-E' and Asus X99 Deluxe II Review - NDTV
With the new Core i7-6950X, Intel has gone ahead and introduced the world's first 10 -core desktop PC processor. Thanks to the Hyper-Threading feature, this means you get 20 simultaneous threads for all your complex multitasking needs. However, you'll&nbsp.

8 Cosplayers Share Their Tips, Tools, and Ingenuity
My dad was an architect and builder ... I designed the parts in Fusion 360, 3D printed the parts and electronics in two days. This was the first time I designed the CAD parts to fit my design, electronic components, and schematics. Previously, if I.

Microsoft introduces new unifying design system and feels like an old rival in the process - VizWorld.com
Whether or not Microsoft felt the urge to compete with Google's Materials design system, it's more likely that branching out from the flat screen world and committing to pressure sensitivity and/or gesture-based navigation led to this new design system.

Sarajevo city guide: 10 of the best art and design-inspired destinations - The Guardian
I joined a cluster of people staring down at a scaly crocodile crawling from a gaping crack in the pavement, one of myriad pieces of 3D chalk art splashed across Sarajevo's concrete streets during the Beton Fest. During this free event, held each.

Nintendo's new console is here — here's why its last one was secretly a work of genius - Business Insider
of ways, the Wii U was incredibly forward-looking. The idea of "second-screen gaming" was ahead of its time. Even the Microsoft Xbox One recently got the ability to "stream" games over the network to Windows 10 laptops and tablets. So what went wrong.

Third party antivirus programs interfere with Windows Defender critical patch - Computerworld
The only thing out of the ordinary, on Windows 7, is that the update check is hidden behind a downward pointing triangle just to the right of a white question mark (this is not true in Windows 8 or 10 ). The "about" panel is also here. If the Engine.

Order Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise - European Communications (press release) (registration)
Several Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise for, the OpenSL playback, backend. Fixed, device specifier names, that have Unicode, characters on Windows, Consequently device specifier strings are now UTF 8. They'll take a little bit more longer look at&nbsp.

Tricked-out treehouse is the ultimate man cave for Minnesota magician - Minneapolis Star Tribune
That's your first clue that this is no ordinary home . But visitors are still surprised by the many marvels hidden on Dunn's 3.6 acres. There's a full-size chessboard made of grass and stone, an aviary for parakeets, Christmas elf houses, a stunning.

10 reasons why Lynhall in Minneapolis is casual dining's new role model - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Even a basic a.m. skillet gets the deluxe treatment. One complaint: It's strictly ... Designer Abby Jensen of James Dayton Design in Minneapolis has seamlessly transformed a 1925 garage into a mood-enhancing gathering space. It's as inviting as it is.